After The Exit
After The Exit
#5 - Executive Health Results, Goal Setting, 2yrs Post Exit Lessons

#5 - Executive Health Results, Goal Setting, 2yrs Post Exit Lessons

In this episode, we dive into three big topics.

Executive Health Results

Longevity is the talk of the town. From Peter Attia, to Huberman, and Bryan Johnson, it seems everyone (at least in the tech world) wants to optimize their health.

Ryan recently signed up for a concierge doctor. We’ll dive into how much it costs, the process, and his results.

Goal Setting

I used Jesse Itzler’s Big A## Calendar for goal setting this year.

It was the first year I’ve set goals. Taking after Jason Fried’s thought process when I ran my business, I felt goals added unnecessary stress and missed short-term opportunities.

But this year, I felt different. I wanted more structure in my personal life and a plan for 2024.

Ryan went about this year’s planning in a unique way too. He did a deep dive with his wife into what they wanted together using Justin Donald’s Marriage and Family Planning Workbook.

2yrs Post Exit Lessons

I wrote a longer list of what I’ve learned in the past 2yrs after selling my business.

If you start another business, does it have to go bigger? Or is that a trap? Ryan and I chat about this along with our biggest learnings.

Hope you enjoy the episode!

After The Exit
After The Exit
You sell your company and receive a windfall. Maybe you’re a higher earner and have saved enough to reach FatFire. Hopefully a huge amount, more than you can ever imagine.
Now what? How do you preserve your wealth, use concierge services, and craft the lifestyle you want? This show, After The Exit, brings on guests who have experienced the same to share what they learned and help others through the process.